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Welcome to TinyTigerBute!

Welcome, and thanks for visiting my site. I'm Eddie McKendrick and TinyTigerBute is my company. It's also pretty much a vehicle for pursuit of my interests and hobbies to get me out of the house and keep myself busy.

My activities are pretty varied - and I'm at various stages of capability which each one. At the moment I'm investing most of my time (and money!) in DJ gear and work. I love music and technology so the DJ scene is an ideal opportunity to combine the two. I've collected quite a bit of gear - some bang up-to-date and some vintage. I love all the kit equally for different reasons whatever its age.

In terms of gigs, I'm at The Islander Bar in Rothesay, every Saturday from 21:00 - 01:00 with nights of commercial dance and Karaoke. I've also done a couple of gigs at the islands nightclub - The Ritz - which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Other interests that I'm a little less advanced at right now are drone flight and photography. Again my love of technology plays into these areas and I'm trying to find a bit of time and good weather to get some learning and improvement done.

Finally, for now, I do the occasional bit of graphic design and publishing work. It's a passion I've had for ages as pubishing was my full-time career for a good few years.

Anyway, as you've probably gathered this site is still "under construction" as they slogan goes. If I can find that rarest of commodities - time - I'll get it updated so please do visit again.


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